2024 Business Estimated Tax Payment Instructions

Please note states will change their websites and the instructions below may become outdated. If you notice any issues with the payment instructions, please contact me. Carefully follow instructions on the government websites and make sure all information appears correct before submitting your payments.

DC Corporate Income Tax

DC Corporate Income Tax

These payment instructions are for businesses that are taxed as either C-Corporations or S-Corporations for federal income tax purposes.

Since DC does not recognize S-corporations, businesses operating in DC that are treated as S-corporations for federal income tax purposes are treated as C-Corporations for DC income tax purposes and should make estimated tax payments towards their DC Corporate Income Tax to minimize penalties for underpayment of this tax.

DC Corporate Franchise Tax Estimated Payment Instructions:

Go to: https://mytax.dc.gov/_/

In the section for Corporation Franchise Tax click Make a Payment.

Select Corporate Franchise Tax as tax type.

Select Estimated Payment for the payment type

The payment is for the tax period ending 12/31/2024 (2024 tax year)

VA Pass-Through Entity Tax (Partnerships and S-Corporations)

1. Go to: https://www.business.tax.virginia.gov/tax-eforms/ptetpmt.php#

2. Select “Estimated Payment”
3. Select Calendar Year ending December 2024

4. Enter your business’ federal EIN (tax ID number). Typically, “001” is used as the suffix.

5. Select “S-Corp” as the entity type if the business is taxed as an s-corporation.

6. Enter your business’ name and mailing address.

7. Enter the amount you are paying.

8. Click “Next” and enter your business’ bank account info on the next page.